ROLIC is the Rule of Law Innovation Challenge, a national competition run by Lawyers Without Borders. Each year a brief with multiple different outlines is provided to the groups, we are then tasked with creating a tangible product to help with a specific outlined issue.


In 2020 we opted to respond to the brief targetting Wildlife Crime, in response our team created an educational'talking book' to convey the issue of poaching and its implications to children of a reading age. Our product is a three part storybook series titled 'Akina and Elewisa’s Wildlife Adventures'where across three different storylines, the main human characters, Akina and Elewisa, encounter different endangered species in Kenya. The animals we chose to focus on are the African Bush Elephant, the African Lion and the Wild Dog.

In addition to the storybooks, a Teaching Guide for mentors helping the children read the book and educational posters and activities for the kids were created. The Teaching Guide is important as it will equip the mentor of the child with more diligently researched information in regards to the environmental and economic impacts of the trafficking and poaching of species in savanna-ridden climates in Africa, specifically in Kenya. The activities and posters are aimed to develop the child’s understanding of the complex issue of poaching through visual aids. We are very proud to have achieved a joint second position in the international competition this year.

In 2019 we opted to respond to the brief concerning GBV and Domestic Violence in Kenya. Our task was to create an illustrated booklet simplifying the legislation concerning these crimes, as well as providing information about help centres and what the victims next steps should be. Additionally, we chose to create a children’s pamphlet, specifically aimed at aiding this difficult conversation with minors; it illustrates what is safe and unsafe touch. The competition also required a Concept Paper, explaining the logic and our choices.

Our booklet uses graphics to improve accessibility. The 'How to Use This Booklet Page' explains what each graphic shall represent. We address legislation; the next steps for both victims and bystanders, prioritising medical needs; relevant help centres and use a case narrative to help illustrate the crime in a realistic scenario. We address all the crimes listed is s3 of the Protection Against Domestic Violence Act 2015.

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2020 project, 2nd place